yachts and gear what makes a good bluewater yacht discovery

What makes a good bluewater yacht for a cruising couple? Discovery thinks it has the answer with its 58ft luxury cruiser, tricked out with.
A larger boat from a brand that has built a reputation for carefully thought-out yachts New twin rudders on the 675 make it possible to spec a more powerful sail The interior is simple and functional, rather than luxurious, but the boat is intended for bluewater family cruising. Promises to be every bit a mini Discovery 55.
One Hylas owner, irked because his boat did not make Best Sailboats list (though the Hylas 49 did) put it this way: “An OI 41 is on the list, and. yachts and gear what makes a good bluewater yacht discovery Adding weight higher up lowers the AVS, whereas adding it below the centre of gravity raises it. Rusty fuel tanks an expensive repair issue. You want to hire a surveyor who has no vested. The entire yard closes for four weeks each summer allowing employees. Access to every part of the interior of the hull makes checking for corrosion and painting much easier. Yachting World is part of Time Inc. The light air and generally moderate sea conditions .