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Low in fat and one of the best flavour absorbers on the shelf, this inexpensive carb is a canny cook's staple.
Polenta is usually made from yellow cornmeal, although white cornmeal can also be used. It originated in Northern Italy as a peasant food.
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Sure, you may be on the whole wheat pasta train, the brown rice train, maybe even the quinoa train. Naturally, polenta became a diet staple in the winter months when food was scarce. While polenta contains numerous vitamins and minerals, it is not classified as a good source for any of them, reports the U. Aside from supplying fiber, corn also has a decent amount of protein for a vegetable, with five to six grams per ear. In Europe, it depends where you buy your cornmeal from, you must read the label which may explain if it is GMO free or not. Store-bought precooked polenta is usually found in the shape of a tube and wrapped in plastic, similar to cookies found in the refrigerated section that you cut and bake.
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