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The Saints detailed in the section entitled Roman Catholic Saints A-G include those used by many Catholics in America in the Saint Blase, Bishop and Martyr.
Little is known about Saint Blaise prior to his mention in a court physician's medical journal. The physician, Aëtius Amidenus, spoke of Saint Blaise's aid in.
One of the patron saints of Ireland, Saint Brigid (sometimes spelled Brigit) of Kildare was born c. . Italian Roman Catholic priest of the Latin Church, educator & writer of the 19th .. Saint Blaise .. Stained glass windows featuring St. Teresa of Avila and St. Bridget of Kildare, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Macon, GA. roman catholic saints a g saint blase. Words at War: Mother America / Log Book / The Ninth Commandment

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When the angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him the truth about the child Mary was carrying, Joseph immediately and without question or concern for gossip, took Mary as his wife. Her palatial home was now a refuge for weary pilgrims and for the poor. Spain took to the seas in pursuit of land, gold, silver, jewels, spices, sugar and tobacco. Her mother and father both died while she was young. Stanisław's major accomplishments included bringing papal legates to Poland, and reestablishment of a metropolitan see in Gniezno. Ferdinand was a great administrator and a man of deep faith. The effects of his ardent zeal, where the Bishop of Coire sent a lengthy and full account to the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, enraged the Calvinists in that province.
He had not been there more than a year when his father discovered him and tried to persuade him to return home. She was said to be extraordinarily kind. What would you like to see a patron saint of? She corresponded with three figures who were destined to become popes: Pope Marcellus II, Pope Clement VIII, and Pope Leo XI. AdChoices Cookie Policy By Marcus Tidmarsh Privacy Statement. Despite the opportunity to live a noble life at court, St. Claver had conflicts with some of his Jesuit brothers, who accepted slavery.