power of puppies video helps raise food for shelters nationwide

To collect donated pet food to help stock the shelves of a local food pantry that acts by providing pet food to help them keep their pets ; To increase awareness.
' Power of Puppies ' video helps raise food for shelters nationwide. Rough day? You need puppies. Purina is teaming with YouTube channel thoapi.org|By.
We help over animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and We use the power of TV, the Internet, and a toll-free phone number to and our YouTube channel has useful pet training as well as entertaining videos, to offer to new pet owners in addition to coupons for Purina® cat or dog food. PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 22, 2017
Share  thoapi.org  with someone that needs the power of puppies in their lives! This is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Make copies to hand out to people at the food drive who want to get a pet and are interested in adopting. This manual includes a plan for how to start an animal welfare organization, including. This pet food drive action kit explains how communities can gather food for pets to help families in need keep the pets they love. Do you suspect someone of cruelty to animals? Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.