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A cut of beef or veal from the rump. 3. The buttocks. 4. The part of a bird's back nearest the tail. 5. The last or inferior part. 6. A legislature having only a small part.
Rump definition, the hind part of the body of an animal, as the hindquarters of a quadruped or sacral region of a bird. See more.
rump meaning, definition, what is rump: the back end of an animal. Learn more.
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What is an earlier meaning of nice? The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete. Parts of animals: anatomical , anatomy , antler.... Gaines slid an instrument back into the pouch of his suit, and patted the robot's rump. NOUN Rump or rump steak is meat cut from the rear end of a cow. These are larger birds, and like the immature birds they are dark brown with a white rump and a barred tail. Get our free widgets. Learn a new word every day. The rump of the party does in fact still have considerable assets. View in context At the far end the old woman found the ancient stables, and here with decaying planks she penned the horse for the night, pouring a measure of oats upon the floor for him from a bag which had bung across his rump. What made you want to look up rump? Also called rump steak. Delivered to your inbox!