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Scandinavian languages Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. European . Language Weaver Enterprise Translation Server eng → dan. Parallel Corpora.
There are linguistic similarities between Danish and Chinese both in terms of individual words (similar to English -ing), for example "løbe" (run) can become the.
interpreters working from Danish (DAN) into English (ENG). Looking for bilingual interpreters working from and into those two languages? Get the shortlist!.

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Our other main languages are Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, English , Norwegian, Danish , Dutch, German, Italian, French... Writing system Signed forms. Although many old Nordic words remain, some were replaced with borrowed synonyms, as can be seen with æde to eat which became less common when the Low German spise came into fashion. German Italian Japanese Portuguese Chinese Hindi Romanian Greek Dutch Danish to name a few. Traditional dialects are now mostly extinct in Denmark, with only the oldest generations still speaking them. You will get the corresponding translation with a click on the word. Federal Administration of the Savings and Mortgage System for the Housing of Servicemen...
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